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Welcome to the brand new Windstream Solutions Center.

Finally: Brick & mortar solutions for your digital world.

Your Problem. Solved.

We’re customer-focused, and that means we know how diverse our customers’ needs can be. The Windstream Solutions Center is just one more step in ensuring everyone we serve is satisfied – because no two lifestyles are alike.

How can we solve today?

Walk-in Billing + Payments

Walk-ins. Drop-ins. Drop-bys.

All in the center of Downtown. When it comes to your Windstream account, we’re here to lend a hand. One you can actually shake.

Pay your bill. Update your information. Get in, so you can go, go, go – and never have to lick another stamp again.

No Robots Allowed

Here at Windstream, we like to face problems head-on. That’s why when you walk into the Solutions Center, you’ll find real people and the real answers you need. Look, we love Siri too, but this is a streamlined experience – no automated messages, no touch tone dialing required. Thumbs are overrated anyway.

Answers from the #1 Telecommunications Provider in Rural America

No one’s more plugged in to your needs than Windstream.

We’ve been serving Lincoln since 1904 – and while the name has changed, our unbeatable service & support haven’t gone anywhere.

Discover more about Windstream and how we’re connecting the nation, right here.

Net like never before.

Kinetic Internet

A Fast, reliable connection for better perfomance.

Connect with friends and family. Get things done. Or just surf uninterrupted with this low-price internet service.

Kinetic Gig

THE fastest speed around. 

Experience the Internet like never or up to 12 devices at once with this ultra-reliable, 100% fiber-optic network service. 

Kinetic Tv

All of the shows you love and a whole lot more.

Record up to 4 programs at once, explore our extensive Video-On-Demand list, and enjoy HD at no extra with this add-on service.


invested in network improvements to bring 1 Gig Internet to more people than ever before.

Lincoln, on the Wind

Check out some photos from our most recent event below.

Student Work

Below is some freatured work displayed at the event.

Created by: Anita Epp

Created by: Ryley Pierce

Created by: Lizzy Milke

Created by: Taylor Hays

Created by: Otilio Meza

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